Lino Ribolla.

A one-word definition. No better way to describe my journey.

Started out as an artist, pioneering computer art by writing software. Illustrator by need. Designer by extension. Art Director at the very beginning of the digital revolution. Industry-firsts. All major global awards. Leading creative teams around the world. Every possible creative touchpoint. And still trying to perfect the craft of creativity, every single day. Hence...Creative.

Creative Highlights

Computer Art
& Artistic Sofware

I was the first artist to have a microcomputer-generated artwork selected for an exhibition and continued to do so, taking part in many exhibitions in Brazil, becoming the most active computer artist in the country. All artwork written in BASIC and ran as a regular software, each generating infinetely unique images.

Computer Illustrations

While pioneering the creation of Artistic Software, I developed a second career doing computer illustrations, creating some of the first ones published in Brazil, from newspapers to book covers.

Illustrations &
Graphic Design

I extended my creative range from beyond computers to other media, ranging from drawings to paper collages, also designing book covers and even the Carnival Decoration to the city of São Paulo.

Family Photos

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Lino Ribolla
Global Creative Leader for Brand and Digital Transformation